Employer Branding Training

The Complete Employer Branding Program

This training is designed for companies who are ready to invest seriously in their employer brand to ensure they’re doing everything they can to attract top talent. Your team will partner with the Just Connecting HUB team of LinkedIn™ Employer Branding experts to learn the ins and outs of Employer Branding to help your business stand out against your competition.

Our complete program includes:

A Deep Dive Employer Branding Analysis Session (60 Minutes)
Two Dynamic Strategy and Planning Sessions (120 Minutes Each)
An Evaluation/Feedback Session (90 Minutes)
Two Social Ambassador Strategy and Support Sessions (120 Minutes Each)

After completing the entire Employer Branding training sequence, your team should feel confident in their abilities to market and position your company in a favorable and effective manner. You’ll have a strategy implemented, goals established, and a clear path towards success for becoming a magnet for the best talent available on the hiring market.

See tabs for individual sessions

Partial Packages

Strategic Employer Branding Analysis + Strategy Package Social Ambassador Strategy + Support

Strategic Employer Branding

This is the perfect package for companies who have a basic understanding of what employer branding is, but haven't taken steps toward creating or refining their strategy.

These sessions are best for HR, marketing, content, and Employer Branding professionals responsible for (employer) branding on LinkedIn™.

This package includes:

  • Two Dynamic Strategy and Planning Sessions (120 Minutes Each)
  • An Evaluation/Feedback Session (90 Minutes)

After completing these sessions, you should better understand LinkedIn™ as a marketing platform and know how to make its algorithm respond favorably to the content you create. We will have reviewed, revised, and optimized your LinkedIn™ strategy with you to establish next steps for your brand’s growth.

Analysis + Strategy Package

Brands should consider training their teams on the fundamental components of a successful Employer Branding strategy if they want to maximize their outcomes.

This is the best option for companies who aren’t quite ready to commit to our complete training package but want something a bit more in-depth than our Strategic Employer Branding package.

This expanded package includes:

  • Two Dynamic Strategy and Planning Sessions (120 Minutes Each)
  • An Evaluation/Feedback Session (90 Minutes)
    A Deep Dive Employer Branding Analysis Session (60 Minutes)

Once you navigate through these various training sessions, you can expect to have a solid foundational understanding of best practices on LinkedIn and a strategy of how to brand your business to attract top talent for your vacant roles.

Social Ambassador Strategy + Support

Building a brand’s image can’t only come from the corporate or executive level — employees need to be heavily involved in the branding strategy as well!

We work directly with individuals in your organization to overhaul their personal LinkedIn strategies for maximum reach, engagement, and lead generation. If your business already has a solid Employer Branding strategy implemented and just needs development at the employee level, select this package.

This package includes:

  • Two Social Ambassador Strategy and Support Sessions (120 Minutes Each)

Social Ambassadors who complete these training sessions will feel confident in their Employer Branding skills across the board. Their profiles will be optimized, their strategies and objectives will be clear, and the next steps will be mapped out.

Don’t rely just on corporate accounts and website content creation to generate a brand image and online presence for your company — leverage the power of your employees’ social presence and empower them to become social


Individual Session Details

Below you’ll find a detailed breakdown of each training session available in the packages offered above.

During this session, our Employer Branding Trainers thoroughly analyze and overview what it takes to have an excellent employer brand according to today's job seekers. Before meeting with you, our team will analyze your brand on several major pillars such as current brand awareness, current employer brand strength relative to your peers, engagement of your employees/brand ambassadors, and give you a company culture/value score. At the end of the session, we provide you with action items that your team can start working on immediately to get started on your employer branding journey.

Length — 60 minutes

Session 1 - Building the pillars for your employer brand

This session teaches you the insights you need to know about LinkedIn as a platform, the latest developments in Employer Branding, and what you should know about LinkedIn’s algorithm. Our experts will help you learn how to set objectives to reach your target audience, measure the impact of your content, and build a brand the proper way.

Session 2 - Building & optimizing your content strategy

The second session covers what an ideal content strategy looks like and what type of content works best on LinkedIn. We will analyze and optimize your current strategy (if you have no content strategy in place yet, we will design it in the session) and coach you on best practices to maximize your content's impact, engagement, and reach.

Length — 2 sessions, 120 minutes each

This is your check-up point! About six weeks after the previous training, we will schedule a follow-up session to discuss your progress, the challenges you have faced since we last spoke, and any outstanding questions you may have after implementing your learnings. Our goal is that you continue making progress and that your valuable insights, learnings, and plans aren’t left on the drawing board.

A successful employer branding strategy ultimately comes down to consistency and execution, so this session is vital to ensure sustained success. By the time this session concludes, we will have worked together to define your next steps and priorities at this stage in the process.

Length — 90 minutes

Session 1 - Building a stellar brand on LinkedIn

This first social ambassador session is focused on helping individual employees drive brand awareness and growth for their employer through dedicated strategy. We teach fundamental LinkedIn best practices and insights about LinkedIn as a platform, offer tips and tricks on creating a solid profile, and engage in an interactive profile cleanup/polishing session. Since this is a two-part package, we provide social ambassador trainees with homework and next steps for the follow-up session.

Session 2 - making content for LinkedIn

Now that these social ambassadors have had time to implement what we trained in our first session, we reconvene to discuss the next steps in their employer branding journey — making content for LinkedIn. We will do a quick reassessment of their profiles, then dive right into the content strategy portion of the training. Our team covers what you should know about LinkedIn’s algorithm, what times are best to post content, and how to analyze the quality of your content once you’re ready to post it.

We’ll provide you with our six-ingredient recipe for creating strong LinkedIn posts, demonstrate what works and doesn’t work content-wise, and walk you through 5 psychological motives that drive user engagement on your posts. By the end of the session, our social ambassadors will feel highly confident in their ability to drive brand awareness and engagement through their LinkedIn content development strategies.

Length — 2 sessions, 120 minutes each

Things to Keep in Mind About Employer Branding

1. Your employer brand is not just about attracting top talent — it's also about retaining the employees you have and making your organization one that people feel proud to work for. A strong employer brand will make your current employees want to stay with your company and help attract new employees at the same time.
2. Build your employer brand around your company's values and culture. Potential candidates should be able to look at your brand and easily see if it aligns with their own personal values, beliefs, and goals.
3. Employer branding is a long-term investment. It takes time and effort to build a strong employer brand, but it will pay off in the form of a more engaged and productive workforce.
4. Your employer brand is not just for recruiting — it's also for marketing, PR, and even sales. A strong employer brand can help accelerate your company’s growth in many different ways, so make sure to integrate it into all aspects of your business.
5. Be authentic. Don't try to be something you're not — it will only backfire. Be genuine in your employer branding and true to your company's culture and values.
6. Once you've built your employer brand, make sure to keep up the good work! Consistency is key when it comes to building an engaged audience and maintaining a strong employer brand.
7. The most successful employer branding campaigns are those that involve the whole company, from the CEO down to the interns. Get everyone in your organization on board, aware of, and invested in your employer brand.
8. Maintain a transparent and honest relationship with your audience to build trust and credibility in your business. Leverage the incredible power of LinkedIn™ and employer branding to connect with people on a personal and professional level to make meaningful connections that will generate revenue for your company.
9. Always be learning. The world of employer branding is always changing, so make sure you're keeping up with the latest trends and best practices. Stay ahead of the curve to ensure your employer brand is as strong as it can be.
10. A successful employer branding campaign doesn't just happen — it takes careful planning and execution. Make sure you have a solid strategy in place before you start promoting your employer brand, or find professional trainers like us to help get you where you need to be.