Social Selling on LinkedIn

Social Selling on LinkedIn™

Maximize your reach, engagement, and conversions with this modern sales approach

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What is Social Selling?

You’ve heard the term “social selling” thrown around all over LinkedIn™ and social media, but what is it, really? In a nutshell, social selling uses social media platforms like LinkedIn™ to build meaningful and genuine relationships to connect with potential customers.

LinkedIn™’s algorithm rewards those who use social selling skills with:

  • Increased reach: With over 500 million members worldwide, LinkedIn™ provides an expansive pool of prospects to connect with, and social selling allows engaged LinkedIn members to capitalize on the massive potential.
  • Improved engagement: Creating content your network enjoys, understands, relates to, and looks forward to will inevitably generate new and improved levels of engagement for your LinkedIn™ profile.
  • Greater conversions: When done correctly, social selling can result in more sales conversions than traditional, old-school selling methods like cold outreach.

Why Social Selling on LinkedIn™ Matters

The days of traditional sales processes are over. Every dominant business today relies on creative strategies and social media platforms like LinkedIn™ to drive leads, sales, and conversions.

The reason is simple: customers today want relationships, not transactions. LinkedIn™ provides the perfect platform to build those relationships. In the modern era of sales development and prospecting, it’s important to note that:

74% of buyers see LinkedIn™ as a trusted source of information in the first buying stage, compared to 34% in 2018 (Gartner)
65% of the buying journey is done entirely online, without any interference from sales reps (McKinzie)
According to Gartner, the modern sales rep spends 6 hours online researching potential clients

How you portray yourself online — and how you connect with others — matters now more than ever. Avoid mistakes, engage appropriately, and grow your brand. 

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Why Work With Us?

LinkedIn™ training and consulting is what we do, day in and day out.

Since 2015, Just Connecting has been 100% focused on LinkedIn™. It’s our specialty, the platform we love, and where we’re confident we can help people learn and thrive.

Our clients in over 40 countries at over 850 companies have seen tremendous success introducing our social selling methods to over 275,000 of their professional salespeople. Our team comprises 14 trainers and consultants from 8 different nationalities, so we bring a diverse, eclectic, and expansive background to our training – unlike any other team in the industry.

For international clients interested in social selling, no worries. We offer industry-leading LinkedIn™ training in 7 native languages:


If you’re looking to take your company’s sales game to the next level with social selling on LinkedIn™, look no further than Just Connecting. We’re here to help you succeed.