Linkedin Inspiration Session

Details about our LinkedIn™ Inspiration Training

What’s inside?


1. Inspiration Session

The digital world can be a tough nut to crack, especially if you’re trying to grow your professional presence on LinkedIn. But with the right tools, it becomes a lot easier — that’s where Inspiration Session training comes in.

While LinkedIn may seem like an old-school method to some, it’s brand new territory and completely unexplored for others. No matter where you stand, Just Connecting HUB’s LinkedIn specialists will show you how to use this platform for scaling your business. You’ll come away from this training inspired and armed with the strategies needed to take your online presence to the next level.

In this 90-minute virtual session, participants can expect to learn how to:

Create a professional profile
Build a powerful and diverse network
Identify possible clients and buying signals
Become an online ambassador to colleagues
Create posts that share valuable knowledge and promote a company message
Find interesting discussions to contribute insights and expertise towards

Our Inspiration Session training is the perfect option for companies that possess a fairly basic knowledge level about LinkedIn, are hesitant to start with LinkedIn for sales, or want to start with a training program but have too many salespeople (and limited seats) for the training.

The Just Connecting team’s ultimate goal is to raise our clients’ baseline understanding of LinkedIn while also creating awareness and interest in the platform.

So, after the session, we expect that participants will:

Have an insight into the impact of LinkedIn™ on modern selling and buyer behavior.
Develop changes in their desire to leverage LinkedIn™ as a true sales tool.
Learn the basic elements of Social Selling, including branding, content development, networking, and converting.

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