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What’s inside?


1. B2B E-mail

By this stage, participants will have learned how to outreach effectively and convert leads into meetings, but now what? How do you convert those meetings into long-term relationships and paying customers? A lot of communication once you’ve moved off of LinkedIn with a prospect will happen via email, so it’s essential to know how to optimize those interactions as well. 

E-mail conversations can make or break a B2B deal, as recent research from Gartner shows that about 70% of the e-mail correspondence between seller and buyer adds no added value for the buyer! Our goal is to help participants fall within the 30% of sellers who know how to deliver high-impact, value-driven communication via B2B email.

Through this two-hour training session, we train the participants to effectively leverage email in all different stages of the buying process by demonstrating the:

Key differences in the use and style of emails - for example, one-to-many compared to one-to-one
Most typical mistakes that slow down the sales process and how to avoid making them
Optimal length and format of a B2B e-mail to keep readers engaged and willing to reply
Types and examples of emails that result in high response rates from prospects
Follow up cadences, style, and tone to keep the conversation moving in a positive direction

Email doesn’t need to be a wasted effort – with the proper techniques, B2B emails can be used to further relationships and conversions. Leverage our training to ensure your team makes the most of this essential sales communication tool!


2. Video in B2B Selling

In this modern era of selling, cold calling, email, and door knocking aren’t necessarily the most effective ways to reach out to potential customers. If you want to stand out, you need to be using video! People are far more likely to watch a video than read an email or blog post, making video an essential tool in B2B sales. Sending prospects intro videos, video emails, or product demonstration videos can make a massive difference in the conversion rate of your outreach efforts.

Beyond conversions, video during the sales process has been proven repeatedly to strengthen the relationship and trust between buyers and sellers. From a social selling perspective, there’s nothing more valuable than trust, so using video is an excellent conduit for building that rapport.

When participants experience our Video in B2B Selling module, they’ll learn:

Why video is one of the most effective methods of modern-day outreach
How to use video in various stages of the buyer journey to maximize responsiveness
How to set up a great video moment
The differences between live introduction videos, follow up videos, personal branding videos, or product awareness videos
Technical aspects needed to be taken into consideration to create consistent and high-quality video content
All of the do’s and don’ts and major guidelines
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We provide all participants with a “how to” starter guide to help get them going, as well as several templates and scripts to make sure they’re covering all the critical points in their videos.

By the end of this module, participants will have a strong understanding of how to use video for social selling and will be able to start implementing immediately!

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