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1. Kick-Off and Personal Branding Session

Most salespeople, marketers, or customer-facing individuals have a LinkedIn presence, but few use the site to its full potential to expand and grow their business. To social sell effectively, salespeople need to have a profile that clearly articulates their personal brand and value proposition. So, it’s always surprising to see how few people leverage all the available tools on their LinkedIn profiles.

In the Kick-Off and Personal Branding Session, participants learn how to create a social selling profile that will make them stand out from the rest of the crowd, attract their target audience, and create trusting relationships on LinkedIn. Just Connecting HUB’s team of branding experts will work with each individual to develop and enhance their brand on this powerful platform.

During this session, participants can expect to:

Gain a deeper understanding of the Social Selling Index (SSI), what it means to score high or low on the index, and why having a higher SSI will have a positive impact.
Learn more about how their clients research, analyze, and interact with their LinkedIn™ profiles (i.e., when someone is referred to your profile or after you've invited them to connect)
Discuss priorities and strategies for LinkedIn™ profile optimization to maximize visibility, findability, and conversions.
Receive a checklist of 25 strategic points and profile elements that we will analyze about their profiles before the next session.

As a bonus – to ensure our clients are successful with the program, we individually analyze all the participants’ profiles the day before the next session to provide them with tailored feedback. Through these feedback sessions, our team can work closely with participants to answer specific questions they might have about their individual profiles and LinkedIn™ challenges, goals, or concerns.

2. Developing a Successful Content Strategy

While having a LinkedIn™ profile that accurately reflects your values, brand, and goals is excellent, you can’t simply sit back and wait for the leads to come rolling in. In order to maximize your social selling effectiveness, you need to share valuable content relevant to your target audience constantly.

In the Developing a Successful Content Strategy session, we help participants understand how to develop and curate content that will attract their ideal clients and customers. We also provide guidance on the types of content that perform well on LinkedIn™, how often you should be posting, and how to measure the success of your content strategy. There’s so much content being posted out there that doesn’t resonate with anyone – our focus is on helping participants understand how to develop a content strategy that will actually get results.

Some of the key topics we cover in this session include:

Explaining why - as a salesperson/consultant - you need to be active in publishing relevant content to emphasize your knowledge/added value
LinkedIn™ Algorithm research(*) to leverage the power of data to increase impressions/engagement on content by up to 5x
Six ingredients to create the perfect LinkedIn™ Post, including some templates to make it easier to write for those who aren't necessarily the best at writing content built for social media
Learning more about the “Comment Strategy” (a strategy focused on identifying valuable posts via hashtags, feed, notification bells, keywords, etc.), which can also be used to accelerate visibility on LinkedIn™.
Discussing the five pillars of a successful content strategy to help you expand your reach

By the end of this program, you will have everything you need to take your social selling game to the next level. We’ll help you understand how to use LinkedIn™ more effectively, develop a content strategy that works, and find and connect with your ideal clients. Don’t fall behind the competition – sign up for our Social Selling program today to become an expert LinkedIn™ content strategist and creator!

Now that participants have some of the fundamentals down, we dive deeper and start talking about networking.

3. Building Blocks of Networking Workshop

At the end of the day, what’s all of this profile optimization, content creation, and social selling good for if you’re not building relationships with the right people? To succeed on LinkedIn™, you need to network with connections with whom you can create value-based relationships. That’s what we focus on in this session.

In our Building Blocks of Networking workshop, participants learn how to identify and connect with their ideal clients, customers, or referrals on LinkedIn™.

We provide participants with the tools necessary for:

Optimizing a connection strategy to create meaningful relationships with the people who matter most in their network
Understanding how to manage LinkedIn™ Invites and identify business opportunities
Searching for contacts using the free version of LinkedIn™, implementing Boolean and Google searches, and other search methods
Diversifying contact methods, including templates based on best-practices
Implementing a proven and simple 3-Step Connection method perfected by the Just Connecting HUB team
Identifying possible conversation starters and how to use them as an introductory hook for outreach
Introducing a dedicated strategy to identify, engage, reach out, and convert prospects (for Sales Navigator and LinkedIn™ free)
Re-activating powerful connections and their existing network into online ambassadors and champions for their brand and business
And more

This session is packed with actionable tips, tricks, and strategies that participants can start using immediately to build better relationships on LinkedIn™. We’ll teach you about four easy buying signals you should be using in your networking strategy and how to use them to connect with your ideal clients. We’ll also discuss the difference between reactive and active networking on the platform.

We include a ton of information into this two-hour session with the hope that participants will leave feeling armed with the knowledge and tools they need to build a successful network on LinkedIn™. Speaking of which, one of the most valuable tools for scaling your network is Sales Navigator, which leads us to our next three consecutive 1.5-hour sessions.


4. Create Your Social Selling Routine

Over the years, we’ve noticed that the salespeople and sales leaders who consistently stick with our training are far more successful than those who enroll in just a session or two. One hour of learning about social selling and sales habits is simply not enough to yield the types of results we know salespeople are hungry for.

While we recognize every business and individual has different amounts of time they can dedicate to social selling, the key is to make sure you’re at least doing something every day, week, month, and so forth to move things forward. Incorporating some form of LinkedIn™ and Sales Navigator into your sales outreach routine is necessary to generate leads successfully.

This training session is specially designed to help participants create their own social selling routine. We do this by:

Looking deeper into what activities (both LI and sales related) you are currently doing and the effectiveness of those activities. What could you be doing better/differently?
Creating a schedule or flowchart that budgets time for LinkedIn™ and Sales Navigator outreach each day, week, or month
Introducing participants to support tools that enable heightened success rates of LinkedIn™ activities (i.e., Calendly, TextExpander)
Insights into how to use, re-use, and adapt existing internal and external content for your own content creation strategy
Bookmarking several tools and links that will help you to create, check and publish valuable, engaging, and high-performing content

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