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What’s inside?

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1. Sales Navigator Set Up

As professional LinkedIn consultants, we often see struggling salespeople using their Sales Navigator accounts ineffectively. It’s common for us to see salespeople using a few hundred (or thousand) dollars worth of monthly subscriptions, but they only use 10% of the features available. We want to show participants how to get the most out of their Sales Navigator account so that they can start generating more leads and closing more deals.

Here at Just Connecting, we’ve had the pleasure of training over 100 companies and their sales teams on how to dynamically use Sales Navigator to yield the conversions they expect. So, we know what type of investment it takes in Sales Navigator to get the results you need to hit your sales goals.

In our Sales Navigator Set Up session, we cover:

The 7 Benefits of Sales Navigator as compared to the free version of LinkedIn™
A detailed overview of all the features of Sales Navigator and how they apply to a consistent prospecting and outreach routine
How to set up sales preferences and settings within Sales Navigator
Best practices for implementing your ideal customer profile into the advanced search function to yield the best possible results
Boolean Search and how participants can use it to find what they are looking for
Strategic and practical tips to start building your Lead & Account Lists

While this may be a refresher course for some, you must have your fundamentals down to a science with Sales Navigator to get the most out of your time spent on the platform.

2. Sales Navigator Outreach

Picking up where we left off in the previous Sales Navigator Set Up session, we now show participants how to take their Lead & Account Lists and turn them into sales through streamlined and impactful outreach. This session is about end-to-end outreach best practices on Sales Navigator to help salespeople understand how to manage this fantastic tool and use it for their benefit.

In this outreach-focused session, we teach our participants methods for:

Creating saved searches using our three proven strategies
Identifying decision makers, influencers, champions & mirrors
Starting social listening through checking alerts and creating saved post searches
Making sure you never miss out on key activities from your network, like a relevant job change from a 1st-degree connection
Monitoring target clients on significant relevant changes or potential business opportunities
Engaging commenting and content strategy (i.e., using the Alerts feature) to gain visibility and inbound networking requests
Developing InMail templates optimized for conversion and managing InMail stats* and trends
Choosing content that converts after thoroughly testing various outreach methods

For this session, we ask that participants come prepared with two pieces of content we can use in our 1-on-1 breakouts. We’ll provide detailed feedback to the participants on the quality of their content and content strategy (don’t be afraid of constructive criticism or collaboration, there’s plenty of it in this session!), then work with them to optimize it for conversion.

*The current global acceptance and response rate for InMail messages has dropped to just below 6%. Because of our strategies, our participants see an average response rate of 15-25%, almost 3-5x the success rate.

3. Sales Navigator Conversion

Every salesperson in the world can make hundreds of cold calls, send dozens of aimless emails or InMails, and claim they did their job as an effective outreach strategist. Yet only a handful will actually produce consistent results. The final piece of the Sales Navigator puzzle is understanding how to measure your success, so we have an entire 1.5-hour session dedicated to maximizing conversions on LinkedIn leveraging everything Sales Navigator has to offer.

In our Sales Navigator Conversion session, we pick up where we left off from our outreach session and dive right into:

Providing them with thorough feedback about their outreach activities (InMails and connection requests) to help optimize their efforts
Demonstrating how to use SmartLinks in three different ways for various goals they may have to convert prospects into customers
Discussing how to follow up on positive responses to messages, comments, or connection requests
Techniques for converting LinkedIn™ leads into first (online) meetings
Developing tailored Sales Navigator action plans for each participant to maximize outreach effectiveness

Salespeople are always looking for the next big thing that will help them close more deals. While outreach metrics can be important, they shouldn’t be the only thing salespeople focus on in the modern selling world.

Social selling is a much more effective way to find and connect with potential customers, and by developing long-term relationships, salespeople can build trust, convert more leads into paying customers, and create a consistent, successful, and repeatable social selling routine.

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