We draw on our global network to assemble a team of experts.

We also bring a strong interest in coaching and capability building, with an emphasis on emotional intelligence and effective stakeholder relationships.

Richard v/d Blom

Founder, Social Selling Consultant and Trainer, Keynote Speaker, Thought Leadership, LinkedIn™ Expert, B2B
martijn holtes linkedin

Martijn Holtes

LinkedIn™ trainer | Social Selling on LinkedIn™ | Content Strategy | Personal Knowledge managment expert
ritchie pettauer linkedin

Ritchie Pettauer

LinkedIn™ Explainer & Trainer | Content Strategy Expert | Certified LinkedIn™ Advertising Professional | Jack of all LinkedIn™ Trades
xavier degraux linkedin

Xavier Degraux

LinkedIn™ coach, Trainer & Consultant ► Leadership & Employee advocacy, Personal & Employer branding, Social selling
eduardo laseca linkedin

Eduardo Laseca

B2B Sales Consultant and Trainer | Startup Mentor | B2B Lecturer at Business Schools, LinkedIn™ B2B Expert
rose hes linkedin

Rose Hes

Content Creator & Strategist I Expert in Employer Branding I Ex-LinkedIn™ employee I Video Productions & strategy
ieva drazniece linkedin

Ieva Drazniece

Communications Strategist on Brand Awareness for Businesses and Professionals on LinkedIn™, Inspiration Lecturer |
thomas slotboom linkedin

Thomas Slotboom

Video trainer, Personal Branding, Employerbranding, Social Selling on LinkedIn™, Videorecruitment
richard bliss linkedin

Richard Bliss

Business Executive helping organizations reach new prospects and grow revenue. Global Speaker and Author.
lia bliss linkedin

Lia Bliss

LinkedIn™ Social Selling Sales Enablement Strategist, Trainer, Keynote Speaker, Author, B2B LinkedIn™ Expert
bas westland linkedin

Bas Westland

LinkedIn™ Trainer AND Recruiter that applies and improves what he teaches you on a daily basis. Social Selling
jesse bak linkedin

Jesse Bak

Social selling strategist and trainer | Creates innovative/disruptive strategies in sales & marketing
caspar van de walle linkedin

Caspar v/d Walle

Social selling consultant | Trainer | Employer Branding & Recruitment expert | Project manager Digital Advertisement
barend boot linkedin

Barend Boot

Social Selling Consultant & Strategist | Project & Planning Manager | Community Manager | LinkedIn™ B2B expert
nurjesa shehadeh linkedin

Nurjesa Shehadeh

LinkedIn™ Content Creator, Content Designer, and LinkedIn™ Page Manager, Community, LinkedIn™ B2B expert